Green Turquoise Identification

I have these two items in this week that I am at a loss for the turquoise types. Any assistance would be much appreciated. The first is a bolo that is intact. The second is a pendant that was broken at the bail, and the stone cracked at the edge. I managed to remove the stone with little damage, although the backing did come off. An interesting side note is that under the backing was a bit of leather, and the backing that came off was magnetic. I am finding alot of magnetic backs now that I stumbled across a cabachon like this by accident. Seems to be a common practice, both then and now…

I’m thinking Fox for the second cab. I’m almost 100% on that. As for the first one possibly Royston or perhaps Cerillios.

Turquoise is sold by the weight and a little additional steel shavings in the devcon helps the bottom line of some turquoise dealers. How about King Manassa for that big bolo stone. It is hard to tell on the bottom piece, Fox could be a possibility, so could variscite. It is always an educated guess when it comes to stones.

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