Green turquoise? Native?

Just looking for some thoughts on this piece, I was told it was Green Turquoise but given I have never seen any I really have no idea… or even if it is indeed Native American. Thoughts?


Yes you have green turquoise and what looks like a nice older Native American cuff bracelet. Very nice!


Thanks! Any idea about how old? I was thinking 50s or 60s?

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Not sure but I think it could be older than that. Let’s see what others say.

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I not the best at age but I was thinking 30-50’s. It’s a great cuff.

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Age is always difficult to determine. You look at technique and see if it makes sense if you are going to call it the 1930s. I looked through the Fred Peshlakai and Fred Harvey books to see if I could find something similar (lots of other books out there it is what I had in arms reach). I found one in Fred Harvey that took a twisted wire and then would have hammered that into a triangle wire mold, the other in Fred Peshalakai is similar to this bracelet where it was a twisted wire then hammered flat. The cuff here I imagine was twisted wire that was then run through a roller. My wife’s grandma had a wonderful cluster bracelet that was Fox Turquoise that had changed to this same color due to age and wear.

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Here’s its cousin. This seller knows her material pretty well, and she calls it Cerrillos, which is what I would have guessed as well. My estimate is 1940s-1960.