Green turquoise or a composite?

Good morning all!
I’m curious to find out what the green stone is in this pendant. I don’t think it’s turquoise, but I don’t know much about the green varieties. It’s strung on liquid silver and a few random beads which give it a different look, probably not old. It does have a hallmark on the back. It seems a little conflicting as it has more of a Hopi symbol but the piece looks more Navajo styled. Navahopi? Cheap repro? My guess is the later, but I’ll let the experts weigh in.
Thank you so much! Sandy


Looks like the Hallmark of Gary Johnson, Navajo. He often used 3 initials, though.
Stone could be Variscite.

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I’m also inclined to think Navajo and variscite. Nice pendant.

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Can you post photos of the entire necklace? That would help with positive ID.

Here you go! I was told it may not be the original chain. The clasp looks like something I recall seeing in the late 60s/early 70s growing up. The stone color is more green like the earlier photos I posted. I appreciate your perserverance!

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The barrel clasp was common in AZ/NM in the 1970’s -80’s. Do you know if the silver is plated/base metal or sterling?
Can you see what the necklace materials were stung on?
All of these can give a clue to age/.

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I don’t know how to tell what is plated or not. I can tell you that none of it is magnetic except for the backing of the stone or possibly something in the stone itself (not the pendant metal).

I’m hoping the picture I took of the inside of the barrel clasp will tell you what it’s strung on.