Green Turquoise? Rings

I have a couple of Greenies I would love to hear thoughts on the type of Turquoise they are. The second one I am wearing and will remain in my collection. The first is unusual but more is too small for my size 13 fingers.

Royston and a Kingman? What are you calling them?

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Truthfully I was at a loss! The last one is so green I had eliminated Kingman. Thanks Jason! I am seeing more and more types but they really very so much it makes it very difficult sometimes! I keep learning(I hope!)

That first ring looks older to me. It’s possbile that body oils have changed the color?

I am really trying to learn these green Turquoise types! Seems there is a huge amount green across alot of types. What do you all think of this ring? Cerrillos? The golden colored pyrite is stunning. Thoughts?

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