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since pricing’s involved.

why are those tiny([pill/snuff) boxes so high priced? simply rarity;not as many made,easily damaged?
I can sorta get that a 6in ashtray can do $600 since that’s a big hunk of silver & a doz. conchos will add up,in weight & work.

just wondering

Can you include a few links are images with prices of examples, thanks.

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In the 1980’s my husband purchased some nickel silver snuff box covers. He added a turquoise cabochon set in silver to them. Included some other silver details, such as roping and other things.
Everything to make them cost about $25.00 each. He gave them out as presents. He also made some nickel silver cig lighters. They were set with silver and turquoise/coral embellishments. Everything for them cost about $15.00. They were presents as well. I was making turquoise cabochons at the time, so that saved on his costs.

A lot depends on if the items were made by a known artist. The amount of details. Quality of stones, etc.

Unfortunately, I have none of the things my deceased husband made. Everyone he gave items to are also deceased, other than me. The items he made for me were stolen long ago.

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