Guys, I splurged today

You are the only ones who will understand


Beautiful, and I totally get it. I’ve been looking for a pair of her coral and gold cluster earring earrings for YEARS and am still on the hunt. Congrats on a beautiful pair of highly collectible and extremely lovely earrings. Wear in health.

This is lovely! Would you post a modeling shot to show scale? Is this Zuni style with sleeping beauty stones?

Very nice! Alice Quam’s silver and stone work are impeccable.

I didn’t realize she set coral in gold. That must be amazing.

I’ll post a modeling picture when I get a chance in the next few days. It is Zuni and I’m pretty sure Sleeping Beauty Stones.

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Totally fabulous! The second picture says it all! Wear them in good health!

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Those are stunning! They will look beautiful on. Thanks for sharing!

Here is a pic of me wearing the earrings as promised


Oh this looks sensational on you! Thank you for posting? Love your necklace also.


They look amazing on you! Thanks for sharing the picture.

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Fabulous earrings and they look great on you! So worth the splurge!!! Enjoy!

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They look beautiful! Thanks for showing us!

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Lol, They look awesome and we do understand. :star_struck:

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