Hair cone? at a loss for a name

I’m sure you folks are going to tell me exactly what this is called and then I will find a 100 of them, but for now I can’t find any. It doesn’t have any kind of hallmark that I can find. The stamp work seems pretty intricate. It has some sort of glue reside on it that looks like you could almost pop it off with your fingernail although I haven’t tried.
It is 3-1/2" in diameter, the center hole is 3/4" in diameter, the bobby pin is 3-1/4" long. The pendant on the bobby pin is 1" long with the bail and the stone is basically a right angle triangle 9/16" tall and 7/16" across the base, The whole thing weighs 40 grams.
Questions, is this Navajo, any idea of age, any thoughts on the stone itself and finally approximate value.

I have seen these called many different things. I searched for "Navajo Sterling…
-Bun holder
-Bun piece
-Ponytail Holder
-Hair barrette
-Hair piece

I got mixed results with a few pieces identical to yours in the mix. I wish I knew the exact term for these as well. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help. I will say that piece of turquoise looks like it could be high grade Kingman, I only say that because it looks identical to the turquoise that is in my Calvin Martinez bracelet (Calvin is known for using high grade stones.)

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Ponytail Holder seems to be the best term. Thank you Bigbree43 and yes it does seem to be a very nice looking stone.