Hallmark H with Sunburst Necklace

I just got this from a local estate and I’m wearing the heck out of it. Two years getting kicked to the curb trying to win one online and it was right in my own backyard! Anyway, I digresss…There are a couple mentions in Hougart’s of hallmark H, but the photos I’ve seen when I try to look them up show a solid curve over the H. This one isn’t like that. It is strung on beading wire, so 1970-80s or newer. Or is it a plain H…any ideas? Another question I had is do the same artists that string the turquoise beads also make the silver or are the silver beads something that are usually bought or bartered? Thanks in advance for any help!


l don’t know the artist, but I think you will want to do your research with Santo Domingo artists.


Thanks Jason! I will keep looking…another one to add to my favorite unknowns, lol!

Im not very experienced so don’t quote me here but it looks like the metal beads may be repurposed silver. It could be possible that the starburst was part of the previous design?