Hallmark Help? "HRC" and a picto-letter hallmark

Hi … I have two pieces of jewelry I recently acquired and am clueless about both hallmarks. I would be very appreciative if anyone has knowledge about these pieces and could provide erudition … Thank you very much! ~ Cyl

Try looking here: http://www.art-amerindien.com/signature_picto-hallmarks.htm

Hi Bonnie - Thank you! I appreciate your reply. I looked and did not see anything resembling the hallmark. It could have changed over time … (I have a very early piece by Cippy Crazyhorse hallmarked with CZH, which is different than the back to back C’s shown on the page.) The piece I posted looks like an older piece, and, I think the two "non-pictorial marks are an A and an S. The mystery … The other piece, the HRC, I would assume that the “H” would be the first letter, though I have tried all the combination and come up with nada.

Thank you again! Best ~ Cyl

Hi - oh well, we gave it a shot…I have a pair of beautiful turquoise shadowbox earrings that are still a mystery. WWW or HHH…not a clue…bought in a boutique in Rantoul, Illinois in the mid-80s. greetings! Bonnie

Thanks, Bonnie! I do appreciate the help … the mystery continues! And, of course, since then, I’ve found a few more gorgeous pieces with hallmarks I cannot identify. Masochistic Jewelry Torture Syndrome? lol My 50th b/d is in a couple weeks and I found a bracelet that has a definite hallmark but the name of the artist is sooo hard to read b/c it’s been worn away. I should post the piece b/c the design is so unique and maybe somebody would recognize it. I think my husband has a cousin who specializes in Native American jewelry … time to make introductions! :slight_smile: If you want to send me a picture of your piece, I’m happy to send it to her and see if she might be able to identify it. Thanks again! I really appreciate your kindness and communication. Have a great weekend!