Hallmark ID on a Navajo (?) Ring

Hello. I have a ring my mother-in-law gave me that I would love to find out more about. I’ve tried to do a little research on the hallmark, but it’s a symbol, so I’m having a difficult time. The ring is very heavy. I would guess it’s Navajo. The hallmark includes a thick vertical line that curves to the right at the top with a circle/dot under where the line curves. Next to it is “STERLING”. Above that is the little “c” in a circle symbol, then I think the number “86”, although it now occurs to me it could be “BG” instead. Any help you can provide is very much appreciated.
Melanie in East TN

<img src=/uploads/db1846/original/1X/80c35b0f73caa30735e1012e0209fdba20160747.jpg">

<img src=/uploads/db1846/original/1X/eb295993b8a2cfd74e580f32c017e6c9ab74cd0c.jpg">

<img src=/uploads/db1846/original/1X/67a43aece3e148790d74953a67d1217c08e7b9cc.jpg">

Hello Melanie,

This appears to be manufactured, not handmade. I am not familiar with the maker mark, most likely a company or shop mark. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks Jason. I appreciate it.

Hello, This marking is for Carol Felley, the year is of course when she made it.