Hallmark ID - Stan Slim?

Can’t find any other “SS” marks - and since they are above the “Sterling” stamp, I am doubtful that SS stands for Sterling Silver… Thanks!

I have never heard that name, but they definitely look like this work. Now you just have to decide if that name is real or someone made that up. In Hougart’s book he list Summer Sanchez, Sherry Sandoval, Serena Small, Stella Smiley for artists that use a SS hallmark. You might research those names see if it leads you down another path. Navajo Stan Slim Turquoise with Silver Feather Stud Earrings Native American Indian Jewelry

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Thank you Jason! To my beginner’s eye, Stella Smiley seems the most likely artist… Interesting how many references there are to “Stan Slim” for it to be a made up name!

Those are very similar to my ear rings but the markings on the back are different.

Markings on the back look pretty similar to me! :slight_smile:

MAJOR difference in the markings when one says Sterling and the other 925! Chances are the 925 are not Native. There are a few who use it so it’s not a NEVER 925, just rarely!

MAJOR apologies, TryingToLearn. All I saw was “SS” - now that I am on a desktop I can zoom in better.

Can I just confirm that the ear rings with the markings 925 probably mean that they aren’t native American. I bought them off ebay, so suppose it was a risk.

Doesn’t always mean that. It is just a stamp, like the sterling silver stamp. I have seen them both for sale in local supply stores and have seen Navajo silversmiths use both. It is more common to see the sterling stamp.

Thanks for the info. I live in the UK (nearest city is Manchester) :uk: and bought some jewellery when we visited monument Valley area and New Mexico on holiday.
Is there any places you can suggest where I can buy authentic native American jewellery, (I prefer older jewellery) and that will ship to England, as I am not sure when we will next be visiting the U.S. on holiday, hopefully it will be in the next couple of years, but might not be able to wait that long. :grin:

In your position it seems the internet is going to be where you shop, if you find something online I imagine most will ship internationally.