Hallmark Identification JF

I think this is a Native American piece. Could anyone please identify the conjoined JF hallmark?

I found a similar engraved version of that hallmark belonging to Jeanne & Felix Tsinijinnie, Navajo. I suspect that this may not be correct though since it was an engraved version. But maybe check it out online.

Thank you Christibo. There are a lot of JF hallmarks out there. The only thing is that the top crossbar does not extend out on the J to the left as in most of the Jeanne & Felix maker’s mark.

I came across a conjoined JF in Hougart’s book for a James Francis. It list as a Zuni artist, but the name is more of a Navajo surname. I did a google search and didn’t find anything. You might do a little research on this name, hallmarks can change a little.

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