Hallmark KS help please

Hi there. last one for me…with all the little stuff I’ve recently bought, I could have just bought 1 really nice thing. Anyway, this bracelet has hallmark KS, but it does not look like the amazing revivalist Kirk Smith works of art I see on the web. What can only be seen with my loupe is a faint but unmistakable '77 - the camera isn’t picking it up. It also has the number 25 (price maybe?) and then KS sterling. Is it possible this is an early Kirk Smith made while he was still learning or is it someone else? Not listed in my book or the online website. Any help or thoughts? Many Thanks!

I don’t believe this to be Kirk Smith. It looks more like piece work, especially with that 25. Many times a silversmith will make the piece for a shop and turn in his work, not polished. The shop will have someone who buffs, and if it is several pieces the silversmith will use codes (numbers) to match up with the stones. So, when he got to this bracelet to set the stones and buff he was looking for a group on a piece of tape that had the number 25. The 77 I don’t know, but this bracelet doesn’t appear to be anywhere close to that old. Also, Kirk wouldn’t have started making jewelry yet at this time. Hougart’s hallmark book gives me a couple names that use that hallmark, Kyle Sam, Katalene Scott and Kris Singer. You might do a google search on each of these names.

Thank you.! I keep learning new stuff here. I didn’t know that was how shops operated, and I’ll check out those names too.