Hallmark List, will help you identify artist

This is a working hallmark list we use in the store. It doesn’t have any images, but might be of some help in researching. Like with all lists, I am sure this one has some mistakes.


A great reference piece, Thanks!!:tada:

Thank you for sharing this with us Jason!

Any chance you could scan as a multipage doc? I can’t print it as it is (don’t have a smart phone just a dumb one :grinning: ) Update, I figured out how to print it using Paint, wo ho!!

This is so helpful!!

Thank You Darlene

Thank you this is really helpful!!

This is awesome! So helpful thank you!

So… if you’re using Google chrome as a browser, you can right click on the long skinny image and get a menu option to “open image in a new tab” which gives you the image in it’s own tab at the top of the page. Click on that tab and then click on the long skinny image and it will make it full size so you can then use the regular menu option to print the page. It’s 12 pages long.

updated list


Thank you! This will come in real handy :smiley:

Once again, thank you Jason!