Hallmark = Rain cloud with three stars over it


I have a few very well made pieces stamped with what looks like a rain cloud that has three stars over it. Would anyone know who this artist is or was. This jewelry was made in the 70’s.

Thank you.


Can you post a photo of both the piece and the hallmark?


I’m new to this forum, so am not sure how to add a photo, but I will try to find out and try to post one in the next couple days. This person did beautiful work, using top quality stones, but I can’t find anyone who knows that hallmark.

I went to Gallup just yesterday, and a large squash blossom set of his/hers was valued between $3,000 and $4,000 - but no one was familiar with the hallmark.

I’ll try to put up a photo soon.

When you reply click this symbol to add a picture. We would really be interested in seeing your art.