I have had a turquoise cuff braclet for overs. I know where it was purchased but never looked for a hallmark till now. It is too small to take a pic, it looks like a eagle or a owl wings. The one band of silver looks like it was welded over part of it. Any help?

Pic please of item front and back

Without pictures, we really don’t know. Sometimes an eagle is an indication of Mexican jewelry but it would help to see front and back.

I really dont know how i even posted these. trying to do pcs from my phone to laptop nothaving good luck!!!

Looks Navajo made, how about picture of hallmark?

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i cant seem to get it up close and part of it under the braclet part. i do know a bit about where and how it was bought in Colorado tho. It was a private showing after the woman who bought off the reservatios would give a certain few a chance before anyone elese. That was in Durango 50 years or better ago