Halmark id please. turquoise?

Could you please help with hallmark and possibly id of turquoise. IF ITS REAL .

Your first set of pictures is too blurry to really tell anything. The second set (of the back only) is slightly better but I still can’t tell exactly what the pictograph hallmark looks like. From what I’m seeing this is not Native American, but looks to be nice turquoise.

Sorry my camera is not very good. The hallmark looks like a bell with 157 inside of it. Whatever it is I like it.
Thanks for your reply. Will try to get better pictures tomorrow.

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Could it be a Bell Trading Post mark?

I zoomed in and it looks to me like a Mexico “eagle” mark. You might try researching that to see if you find something similar.

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I see Eagle too & 157???

I think you were right. Any ideal to name of turquoise?


Probably can’t identify a specific mine without a much much clearer image of the stones. Even then, it would be guess. Mines can be extremely hard to identify with 100% certainty without an explicit provenance from the maker, or the presence of some very specific characteristics from the few mines that have them. Most mines have a wide range of possible colors and matrices that make it hard to identify 100%.

Thank you so very much. Appreciate all the help.

Agree with James. This is Mexican Taxco Silver. Last picture shows eagle with number. The “Eagle" form marks were instituted by the Mexican government in 1948. The number on the eagle’s chest indicates either the city of assay or an individual maker. There are many variations and exceptions. In 1979 the eagle system was replaced.

Thank you. Great info.