Hammered Silver odd shaped rings


Very unusual and unique hammered silver (stacking ?) rings…(pictures are of just one of the rings)
I have a set of these - weight of both together .6 oz / 18 gr
Both have squares of gold, one has a amethyst square stone
No hallmark that I can find. Mixed in with all the Navajo jewelry I inherited.
Anybody have an idea of who would make these types of rings?
I love them and just curious as the artist.
Thank you,

I’m certainly no expert! But it kind of looks like brutalist style to me.

Not Native American. Without hallmarks as to metal type, probably looking at base metal.

Probably mass-produced import, although less likely it could be an individual’s amateur work. The first pic, though blurry, looks like casting marks vs. hammering. The square shank is '60s looking to me.

And not Brutalist, which is an intentional, specific style with a level of craftsmanship.

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Thank you very much for your input.