Happy to meet you all. What is the best way to identify a hallmark on this site?

Hello. My name is Vero. I have an interest in learning about Native American jewelry and the artists who create them. I would like to know how to properly search for the maker of a piece using the hallmark. Is there a listing here that will tell me, or a special way to search? My family has many beautiful jewelry pieces, but we don’t really know much about this kind of jewelry. I have been given some pretty things recently and also want to find out who made them.
I am happy to be able to learn from so many people!

Hi Vela, try this link it has the most that you can find online, other than that there are books you can buy and you can always try posting a pic on this site of the hallmark and the piece, sometimes the style is recognizable enough to someone. http://www.art-amerindien.com/signature_picto-hallmarks.htm#hopi

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