Happy Valentines to me. Marie Bahe cuff

I bit the bullet and bought this pettipoint cuff. It’s a beautiful bracelet but someone had used silver polish on it!! I think i got most of it off through some gentle cleaning. I plan on trying to restore some of the patina by putting it in a ziplock with some hard boiled eggs. I hope it works. It does not look like block turquoise and the seller had contact with the maker, Marie Bahe. She was told it was made in the 70’s.


Lovely, congrats! Be careful you don’t overdo it with the eggs. I’ve heard putting it in a ziplock with rubber bands can do the trick too.

Glade you had a great Valentine’s Day it’s a beautiful to bad the natural tarnish (patina) is gone but no huge deal happens a lot doesn’t make it not beautiful because this for sure is nice buy!!! Also let me say let the years add back the patina don’t want to mess with turquoise jewelry or atleast I don’t like to many things can discolor or ruin the beauty of the turquoise all together yes egg method does work but I wouldn’t do it and would keep soaps lotions basically everything away from the stones didn’t know if you were aware of that so I figured I’d tell you again I’d let years go but and let the natural patina reform itself slowly natural always looks better anyways :wink:

Thanks for the feedback!! I think for now I am just going to leave it alone and just let nature take its course. I would hate to damage the turquoise trying to get the patina back. I am hoping this cuff was not made out of block turquoise. I don’t get that vibe from it especially since the little matrix that is on it looks like a natural color and pattern. I certainly paid a price worthy of a 100% genuine NA piece with genuine turquoise so I will treat it as such. Hopefully the patina will come back in my lifetime(I am 61)…and so it will sit out in the open beside my bed so it can tarnish naturally. Yall’s advice is so appreciated!!! Teresa

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I wouldn’t do rubber bands - they stain any silver they touch (which is why a piece of wedding silver will always have the rubber band mark my husband left on it :rage:), it makes me a little crazy when I see thrift stores rubber band silver pieces together - it’s a pretty permanent mark.

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It’ll tarnish on its own over time. Lovely bracelet even if over-cleaned (I think it looks fine!)

Yes I forgot to specify for rubber bands you are supposed to put the piece inside a ziplock bag with a rubber band, taking special care that the rubber band doesn’t actually touch the jewelry. But the safest method may be just to let it regain a natural patina over time. I agree that it looks fine in your picture; I can’t tell that it’s over polished.