Harvey Era Ring

I almost didn’t buy this ring. It was only $25 at the flea market. but i didn’t like that it had a “chip” in the stone. I put it back on the seller’s table and he asked why I didn’t like it. I mentioned the chip and he offered it to me for $15. I WAS STILL HESITANT TO BUY IT. I was 17 at the time and I am so glad my cheap 17 year old self brought it home. I’m pretty sure the chip is just natural pitting in the matrix. It’s an older piece, I just don’t know how old. Any opinions are welcomed.

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Just curious about why you consider this Harvey? To me it screams 1980’s especially with the flat bezel and rope work, as well as the triple split band stock. I think your are correct on the pitting. I don’t think it detracts from the stone at all.

The twisted rope bezel is done tightly and really well, and you’re totally right becuase that’s a feature that didn’t start popping up until the later end of the 1900’s.

There are lots of tool marks on the shank and on the inside of the band. It’s hard to photograph, but the inside and outside of the band look hammered. I guess that’s why I always assumed it to be old. You have me questioning everything I know about jewelry right now lol.

It is one of those mystery piece. This style has been made for a longtime, this is a new one by Julian Chavez. Great ring, added some images of Fred Peshlakai rings purchased in 1960s - 70s, could be older.

I love the stone in your ring, the matrix is what give turquoise it’s character! These are all pieces I would be attracted to!