Harvey Era?

I bought this cute little pin at an estate sale yesterday. It is unmarked. I think it might be a Harvey era pin, but since y’all are the experts I thought I might ask. I think it is silver(my silver testing acid went bad some months ago).It is heavy, non-magnetic, and melts ice. What do y’all think?


The piece definitely has age. I found a Fred Harvey era piece to show the difference between your pin and another design.

Your piece could have been repaired later and the newer catch added, but I think if it is original it dates the piece to at least mid 1900s. It would be interesting to find out when this style of backing first starting showing up.

I found this on another piece seller was saying 1930s.





Thanks Jason. I certainly see the difference in the clasps. I was reading that the Harvey era went into the 50’s. My first thought was when I saw the pin was 50’s or 60’s. Then I remembered something about stamping and Fred Harvey era. I knew the piece was no too old because it does not have the c clasp, but I thought maybe it landed at the end of that period. The design also made me wonder because it is not the iconic arrows, thunderbirds, suns ect. Hmmmm, but now I am am going to brush up on clasps, hinges and dates. Thanks again!

That was easy! Thanks steve!

@Steve thanks for the great information page. That gives you evidence for a possible 30s piece. Always nice to get is much education as possible.

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you’re welcome Jason. the hardest thing is finding these links in my bookmarks folder. When opened it scrolls and rolls for a while.

Chris, this pin has some unusual weirdness going on that I highlighted with the arrows.

when viewed from the front, top and bottom stamps are soldered.
From the stone moving outward past the bezel, rope and shots this entire area appears to overlap the stampings surrounding and below it.

from the back you can see the soldered areas top and bottom.
and why was the cutout area there in the center needed?

somebody put some work into this piece but I don’t think all these parts started out life together.

interesting look and part of the reason why pinpointing the origin is difficult


Thanks Steve. I see that now. I did not notice the overlap at the top. The back was a bit weird and I noticed the soldered parts, but did not think it through. I wasn’t thinking it could be two different pieces combined into one. Thanks for sharing your time and knowledge. I am learning so much from all of y’all. Ha, I think I like it even more now. I like quirky things.

I think it is 3 different pieces of silver - the two soldered pieces mentioned plus the oval cabochon/medallion placed on top. Doing this created the space in the back rather than it being a cut out. After hanging out in these forums for awhile I’ve seen all kinds of repurposing going on by folks.

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Yes, three pieces of silver. I was thinking two pieces, as in the flowery piece being one piece of jewelry, same style. And the cab being from another piece. Sort of a mix and match from two different pieces?

It wasn’t a secret that Fred Harvey stuff was often made from sheet metal and pre-cut or stamped and then assembled, but this one does look weird. Maybe it broke and someone tried to repair it with too large a cabochon top piece since it doesn’t align with the stamping. Almost like somebody thought a ring or pendant would make for a larger and better brooch. I also wonder if they didn’t bend together the piece at the tops and sauter it.

It doesnt really look like anything in this catalogue but this is only one edition! More links on Harvey stuff here, too. https://fredharveyjewelry.com/burnells-curio-shop-catalog/