Has any one ever heard of Navajo Artist Rose Swett?

I was told Rose Swett is a Navajo Artist and lives in Gallup, NM. I am beginning to wonder because several people I talked too is not familiar with the name. Does this name ring a bell? Does this cuff look Native American. Any help is most appreciated. Thanks


I want to say I have seen that hallmark before, but I couldn’t find anything in the resources I use. The bracelet looks Navajo made and has a cool look. Thanks for sharing.

You could sent her a note with a photo. She’s in Gallup (good ol’ google).

Or at least a Rose Sweet is, may not be the same one.


This is definitely Rose Swett. A lot of people confuse her signature with Roger Skeet.


Hello… got a beautiful pair of earrings with the same mark… Rose Sweet as I understand it.
Need to find out if possible, what stone this is…

A similar bracelet of hers just sold for $1,038 on ShopGoodwill.


That’s pretty excessive, IMHO. Quite a few years ago I was on that site, and I noticed that some things would sell for way more than they would on Etsy or eBay, say. Not sure exactly why. There’s one on Etsy that I think is far nicer for $330.


I agree. I watch a lot of stuff out of curiosity to see what they’ll close at. Some stuff sells for ridiculous prices, others for a song (I still kick myself for not bidding on a beautiful turquoise, coral, lapis etc heishi necklace, when I looked again it sold for $9.00, I almost cried).

I’ve gotten some good deals, but lately the NA stuff is heavily bid on. I did get a smoking deal on some stunning pearls, so I’m willing to slog through the crap to suss out deals.


I have this bracelet I hope I uploaded the pics correctly…I thought it was Roger skeet and posted it for $100 someone told me rose sweet (or swett idk yet) and I can see the style resemblance! I love to learn new things about jewelry! Thanks for confirmation!


It’s lovely ! Can you post pictures of the back or hallmarks?

I have some sterling & jasper earrings, signed with a big R and small s. and 925 … looked it up and it was Rose Swett… they are lovely … that’s all I know… she was in AZ somewhere last I saw… google her.

Where did you look it up? I’ve been using the Amerindian website, and they have a question mark after her name identifying that signature/