Has anyone bought turquoise from ny6designs?

Turquoise is very significant to my culture (Himalayas) and grew up seeing Tibetan nuggets on old people’s necks with corals. I didn’t pay much attention to it back then.

Only recently, I’ve become interested in turquoise and corals. I have some family heirloom coral beads that I want to make a necklace out of with turquoise beads.

On my search, I came across this website called ny6 designs. They are selling hubei turquoise strand 15” for under $40 and a lot of “natural turquoise” for under $50 for 15 inch strand. Is this price too good to be true? Are they most likely fake? Maybe reconstituted? Or maybe just a reallyyyyyy good deal? Haha

What is the typical price range for an actual natural turquoise 15” strand?

Kind of nervous to post, I am new to this. Hope to learn from you all.

Thank you


Welcome to the forum. Hubei turquoise seems to be plentiful so look around and price compare. Etsy and Instagram seem to have many vendors.


Another place to look is Thunderbird Supply. They have lots of authentic Turquoise that is fairly priced.


hello Mariesofia, I have not purchased anything from the seller you referenced but a quick check is showing 4.9 to 5 star ratings and reviews on google & etsy

for bead price comparisons and research, the kingman turquoise mine - https://www.kingmanturquoise.com/shop is a source for both natural mined turquoise beads as well as what is called composite, block, compressed designer named (Mohave green purple) turquoise products. worth a few minutes there to spot the composite look as well as pricing from a natural turquoise source.


Reviews are great…kind of. That fake ring I posted was on a site with great reviews (there also appears to be quite a bit of questionable stuff IMO on the site). I think the advice to check the Kingman website is excellent.


Thank you! Will do. What is your opinion on the Chinese turquoise such as the Hubei ones? I have heard a lot of it is reconstituted/dyed. I really just want natural stabilized beads.

Thank you so much! I will definitely check this out. I saw a few cabs I like on there.

Chinese can be natural or otherwise. Buy items from a Native Artist or a trusted company like Perry Null, the Kingman store or others.


excellent thread on Chinese turquoise.


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Just so you know the terminology, stabilized turquoise is real turquoise, but NOT natural; natural turquoise is not stabilized. So… so what you mean is you’re okay with stabilized turquoise, but not reconstituted?

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