Heading to AZ, yay! But need help

So it looks like we’re finally going to get back to go back to AZ, probably end of March or sometime in April. Although I admit I’m a little nervous, since we had to cancel for family emergencies the last 2 years; :pray: that doesn’t happen again.

Anyhow, since a number of the places I used to shop at are closed or in the process of closing, I’m not sure where best to go. We will probably spend most of our time around Phoenix with friends (plus I’m really looking forward to being in the desert in the spring instead of July which is when we used to have to go), but I’m planning to go up to Grand Canyon, because I miss it so much. I always check out the Hopi House while I’m there. We probably will have time to stop in Sedona, and I’ve been to some shops there in the past, but it’s been a while (of course will check out Garland’s if possible).

Shopping suggestions??


Lucky You! Climb Camelback Mountain in Scottsdale…it’s a work out. Horseback riding is fun too.

I bought a beautiful inlay bracelet at The Blue-Eyed Bear in Sedona many years ago.


Yay! I hope you have a fabulous trip!
Arizona is very nice!
It sounds like you have all the good places covered.
What about Meteor Crater and Petrified forest?
They might be out of your way, but both are really cool.
Sedona has lots of nice shops, but probably pricey.


I have been to both a couple times, and they ARE great. But I think we won’t have much time to stray away from Grand Canyon, because of the time we’ll probably spend in the Phoenix area. Usually it’s so hot when we go out there we don’t get to do a lot in the desert. I remember Sedona being expensive, but I really do want to stop in at Garland’s.

I’m really sad that Ogg’s in Prescott is closing. From what someone on here said in a different post, I have a feeling it will be pretty much done by the time we get there. It was always a must stop for me :cry:


I’ll have to check that one out if we spend time in Sedona. We just pretty much decided to go couple days ago, and I’m still thinking it all through. All I know is I have to get back to Grand Canyon. My favorite place ever.

I’ve been to Phoenix many times to visit my close friend, but I don’t believe we’ve ever actually hiked Camelback, because we were almost always there in July. My husband works at GM, and in the past that was always when the shutdown was. Maybe this will be the time!


@Ziacat Happy for you that you’ll get to visit the Grand Canyon again. It sounds like a very special place for you. Unfortunately, I don’t have any shopping suggestions. When we travel to AZ, it’s always for a family visit. Hubby & I may get a chance to visit a pawnshop or two. (Just an Fyi ~ I was curious about the “Blue-Eyed Bear” shop that was mentioned in a post. Internet info indicates that its location in Sedona is permanently closed.)

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Cameron Trading Post is worth a visit if you have time.


Thanks for the reminder! We’ve been there many times, but I actually almost forgot about it :laughing: I have bought a number of things from their pawn section, but it’s been quite a while since I’ve been there. Maybe we’ll even find a way to spend the night in the hotel there.


So glad you have the trip lined up!

Phoenix: The Heard Museum is certainly worth your time for visiting, and it has an excellent gift shop with carefully vetted contemporary jewelers. Much of it is collector level. There’s also a room for the premier objects. Also a nice little luncheonette!

In Scottsdale, my go-to is Territorial Indian Arts, with excellent vintage jewelry, kachinas, etc.–Alston and Deb Neal are legendary dealers and lovely folks, ATADA.

Step next door to King Galleries to see the outstanding Native Am pottery, too.

We all know about Garland’s, but it’s worth stating that Garland’s Rugs also has a nice selection of jewelry, as well as kachinas and pottery. Above Garland’s Rugs, second floor of building, is the peerless Kopavi, THE authoritative sellers of Hopi jewelry, the folks who supported and developed many of the contemporary jewelers we know and love. The only other place I know of at that level is the museum shop of the Museum of Northern Arizona in Flag. Kopavi isn’t at all set up for online shopping, but boy are they worth it in person. They have funny hours, though, I think open only Wed.-Sun. or something, you have to check.

In Oak Creek a few miles outside Sedona is Hoel’s Indian Shop, small but very choice collection of jewelry and other goodies.


I’m so excited. I haven’t been to the Grand Canyon since '17 and that was just a short day trip to the South Rim. In '14 we spent three nights at the North Rim. I feel like I’m in withdrawal.

I was wondering about the Phoenix area, because I’ve never really shopped there; we’ve always spent time with friends and then headed out (cause it was HOT). I’ve only visited the Heard Museum once many years ago, and was thinking I should go back. I’ve never been to Territorial Indian arts, but I think I’ve heard of it so, I’m really glad you mentioned it (and the other one).

Yes! I was thinking it was Hoel’s Indian Shop that we’ve driven by in Oak Creek Canyon. Now I definitely want to stop there. And I’m glad you mentioned Kopavi, because I knew you had been to one in Sedona with great Hopi art, but I couldn’t remember the name of it. We’re probably going to do some hiking in Sedona area, so those will be must stops I think. We might also try to visit Walnut Canyon near Flag. I was there once decades ago, and would like to see it again.

I don’t know how long we’re actually going to have, because we’re going to fly Allegiant non-stop out of Fort Wayne, and sometimes their their flights are on odd schedules.

Thanks for the links and info!


Thanks all! Lots of ideas for shopping and things to do. And maybe I’ll actually hike Camelback this time :laughing:

This is the latest issue of AZ Highways, so I’ve got some good reading ahead of time!

We still love to hike, but not like when we were younger. We camped at the bottom of the Grand once. Unbelievable place. Now I really want to raft it…


A few others that haven’t been mentioned…

Old Town Scottsdale:
John C. Hill Antique Indian Art
Gilbert Ortega
Bischoff’s at the Park
Bischoff’s Shades of the West
Grey Wolf

Kachina House
Clear Creek Trading
Appaloosa Trading Company (leather goods and home furnishings)


Thanks! Scottsdale isn’t too far from my friend’s house (they are on the north side). I had no idea where to shop there either, so this is helpful. I won’t be able to shop everywhere (time and money), but this gives me lots of options for whatever we end up doing.

It’s really amazing that with all the times through the years I’ve been to Phoenix, that I really haven’t spent any time shopping in the area. But that’s probably because we headed out of the city the minute we had a chance.


Old Town Scottsdale is loaded with nice shops and galleries. All you need to bring is time, money, and strong decision making skills. :slightly_smiling_face:


I think I will be up for the challenge :grin:


If you make it to Tucson, here are my suggestions:
Don’t miss:
Mark Sublette gallery *****
Morningstar Traders ****
Contreras Gallery
Old Town Artisans
Tohono Chul

In Tubac the must do is Old Presidio Traders - BEST EVER for everything! Dripping with silver, fair prices on repairs beads, pawn and repairs.


Thanks! I doubt we will make it to Tucson this trip, but you never know. And we usually go every other year to visit our friends, so we’ll be back. We have only been to the Tucson area a couple times since we generally had to go in the summer, but now that my hubby has more flexibility, we can change that. Last time we went south, I found some nice Navajo jewelry in Tombstone and Bisbee.

I’m late to this thread, but how is your trip planning going @Ziacat? Have you figured out where you’re going and how much time you’ll have in each place? The only store I have to add over what’s already been mentioned is Waddell Gallery in old town Scottsdale. Very high end jewelry, but fun to look even if you’re not looking to spend that much. Dennis June Gallery gallery was another worth visiting is Scottsdale. Also, I highly recommend The Mission restaurant in Scottsdale.

I LOVED the hiking in Sedona. Of all the places I’ve visited in the west I feel like it may have had the best hiking. When I was there I only got to do a fraction of the trails that I wanted to, but they were all amazing, and I’m hoping to get back and do some of the others on my list. For Sedona, I feel like the must hit stores are Garland’s, Hoels, and Kopavi, which I sadly didn’t get to due to their limited hours. There are lots of other touristy shops that will have jewelry, but I don’t trust those to have quality, authentic jewelry.

I’m a bit of a specialist in finding the best hikes wherever I go, so if you’re looking for hikes let me know which towns you’ll have time to hike in and the intensity you’re looking for and I’ll likely have some recs :slightly_smiling_face:.

It’s a shame you’re not going a few weeks earlier, because the Heard’s annual Indian Fair and Market is March 2-3rd this year and it’s definitely worth going to. But I second the recommendation to go to the Heard, and their shop, Fair or not. Also—Phoenix in July? I can’t imagine. I went in May and could barely stand it, with temps getting into the 110’s mid day. I don’t think I could do summer there. In March it is very nice.


Thanks for asking, and for all the great info. Even though I have spent A LOT of time in AZ, I haven’t actually shopped much in Phoenix and Scottsdale, so I’m glad for the recommendations (for the restaurant also!). And I’m going to definitely check out those places in Sedona if we’re there; I’ve been to Garland’s but it was a long time ago.

I’ve been really slow to the planning, mostly because I’m a little bit gun shy from traveling. In '22 we canceled our trip to CO because of my brother’s death, and then last year we canceled another trip to CO because my sister-in-law was diagnosed with renal cancer, and my cat was very ill. So now I feel like if I go somewhere something’s going to happen :flushed:. But I need to get over it and just go, this is not like me.

But what I am sure of is that we’re going to go to the Grand Canyon. I’m hoping to finagle it so we can stay at the Cameron Trading Post Hotel. I love GC so much that I feel a little bit empty in my soul when I haven’t seen it for a while (the North Rim is my favorite, but it will still be closed when we’re there). When we were younger we hiked to the bottom and camped which was amazing. I think we might go back to Walnut Canyon when we’re up near Flagstaff, and I really want to hike in Sedona; we’ve hiked there some, but I can’t remember what all we did, so let me know what some of your favorites are.

My best friend lives in Phoenix, so we’ll probably do stuff in the area (I’d like to spend some time in the Superstitions). I’m not in the shape that I was years ago, but still love to hike. Last time we were out there we hiked in one of the mountain parks near Phoenix when it was around 103° (in the AM), and still enjoyed it, although I tolerate heat better than my husband does. It looks like we’ll probably be going mid April.

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We finally booked flights to Phoenix for mid - late April. Woo hoo! Now I need things to stay calm here while I am gone :flushed:

@OrbitOrange, when I know what all we are doing I may need your wisdom on some hiking. Thank you all for advice on shopping!