Heading to AZ, yay! But need help

Yes, yes, and yes to @chicfarmer 's Flagstaff recommendations. My cousin lives in Flagstaff and I visited those places with her. The Riordan House is neat, and a very different type of mansion, being a log structure. NAU’s gift shop is a good one and carries NA art and jewelry…or did when I visited.

It continues to amaze me how much tourists ignore numerous warning signs and people telling them what not to do in national parks! Wrong clothing, lack of supplies, starting out on hikes alone at twilight, going over barriers, trying to pet the wildlife, etc. We took the hike to Delicate Arch in Arches National Park a few years ago. Mind you, this was in August, and it is a roughly three mile hike out to the arch through the desert, and a couple of pretty good sections of climbing over red sandstone. It was about 96° when we left the parking lot, and park personnel say that you add about another 25° for that red sandstone section, so it was hot.

We saw numerous people who were hiking with either no or one single little bottle of water despite signs approximately every 10 ft warning you of it. Even though we had adequate water divided among our three backpacks and were drinking and taking breaks frequently, it was still one of the most challenging hikes I’ve ever done due to the heat and we were swollen and tired when we returned. We ended up giving water to several people we encountered on the trail, because they were looking like they were in a very bad way. Hopefully they learned their lesson!


I was going to suggest you visit the funky cool town of Bisbee & then Tubac…not sure what, if any, shops they might offer you though!

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It looks like I will have to get to Tubac sometime, but prob won’t have time this trip. I have been to Bisbee once, but only had a few hours. It was a fun, funky town! I found a pretty buckle in a big antique shop while we were there.

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I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to stay at the Copper Queen when I visited Bisbee! Had the best out-of-this-world Chili Rellenos at a restaurant down the hill! Funky town is right & Fun!

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