Heads up if you sell online

I was trying to price a Zuni ring using Google images to find a similar one. Lo and behold, there is one of my rings from my Etsy store listed on a site called gem.app. They had a page or so it items, with the right prices and links back to the stores actually selling the items. I sent them an email telling them to take it down. I don’t see this as some sort of free promotion and they didn’t ask.

There are lots and lots of websites that aggregate listings from eBay and other sites. Once something’s up, there’s precious little protection against it appearing elsewhere. Let us know if they do oblige your request.

So part two. I emailed the site and asked them to take it down. She did but explained they promote vintage items…so there are probably many dozens of other images from my store there somewhere. She implied, without directly saying it, that Etsy is on board with this. So I emailed Etsy about this. It might be innocent but I am not trusting. Waaaaaah.

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Same thing happened to me, I had this piece up for sale on Ebay. I saw my photo and my exact description I had used, listed under another persons name on Pinterest… I wrote Pinterest and never heard back… It was also on Google… I thought pics were copyrighted… @chicfarmer is correct.

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