Heishi fetish necklace with multiple animals

I bought this from a friend. She remembers the man making necklaces at the show when she was younger. She told me she thought his name might be Livingston. I’m curious about age, materials and possible value. The heishi are tiny—maybe 1/16” diameter. Thanks for the help.Uploading: BE861738-6227-4A1A-94FA-BF1F776D3988.jpeg… Uploading: 5F2CFB2C-641C-41DF-9937-EEB6C36FF0A7.jpeg… Uploading: 1C479364-970A-43C0-87E9-3988FD8F48BE.jpeg… I might as well ask about the jet bear fetish necklace also since it’s in most of the pictures. Thanks for the help.


this page should help identifying some or all of the mixed stones in your necklace



Thanks. I’ve been on their site but didn’t think about them for fetish’s

you’re welcome. gave me a reason to take an extra 5 minutes break from the annual battle with the leaves out back.


The material looks like Picasso marble. A couple of different Navajo artists where making these in the 90s, most dealers didn’t want to know the name because they wanted to call them Zuni and not Navajo. They are nicely done and a good deal at that time, seems like the sold a strand around $45. I haven’t seen the guys doing this for a very long time. Not sure the bears are handmade.

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Would they have increased in value any? I think that is about what was paid by the girl I got it from. They bought them new. What about the other fetishes? Manufactured or carved?