Hello :-) doese anyone know about tommy dinger jewelry?

Looks a lot like Tommy Secatero to me, but I could be wrong. A picture of the hallmark would be very helpful.

The mark in the “ring” as well as on the back of the piece seem to be T. Singer which would be one of Tommy Singer’s marks but I can’t make out the word underneath either which should indicate sterling or sterling and gold.

It is the mark for sterling silver. The gold overlay is most likely 12k gold fill. Thanks for sharing.

I believe the word beneath the “T. Singer” is “Handcraft” , which would be odd to see with his hallmark. Perhaps “Handcrafted”, but still… It definitely does appear to be his work. He did a bunch of the gold overlay work, but beware, he also used brass as overlay too.

Also, the word beneath his name in the ring, is “Sterling”, but on the back of the Bear itself, see my prior post.