Hello everybody

Hello Turquoise People, my name is Mark, i’m from Holland (a small country in Europe). For about a year i’ve been getting slowly but surely into buying Native American jewelry. And everytime i’m delving deep into this kind of jewelry i end up on here, so i thought i’d join and become a member. Hope you are all having a great day & best regards


Welcome, glad you decided to join.

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Thanks joebig, glad i found this place!

Welcome from the eastern USA.

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Welcome Mark from Holland! Great name - I have a brother and a brother in law who are both named Mark :grin:

And I know where Holland is; never been there, but I had an uncle who visited while he was in the military and brought home a big beautiful vase for my mom, which I have since inherited. It says Gouda, Holland on the bottom.

I also haunted this site for quite a while before I joined.

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Thank you StevesTrail!

Thanks Ziacat! That’s nice to hear ((:smile:
And that’s very cool! I actually live nearby Gouda, used to go to school there even. It’s still one of the nicest, oldest cities in the country. And the pottery in the area has always been renowned. One of my hobbies is collecting bits of pottery that can be found on the surface on certain kinds of green fields. I’m sure you’re vase is beautiful

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