Hello from Colorado

Since I have been lurking and reading posts for the last year finally have posted, thought I should at least say hi. I inherited a fair bit of NA jewelry from my Great Aunt, who traveled to the Southwest from the 1960’s through the 1990’s and also picked up items in trade from their pharmacies in eastern Idaho. Thanks for the information that I have gleaned so far. My avatar is me with my newest grand daughter


Funny how you’re not the first person to ‘lurk’ and learn enough to feel comfortable sharing. Welcome!


Welcome Axl,

I found myself in practically the same situation a few years back. I knew nothing about N/A jewelry. Never even heard the names Tommy Singer or Effie C.

I have a pretty good working knowledge now, because of reading practically every back post here.It was helpful using the search feature to find post on any subject I was looking for information on.
Good Luck!!

PS I also lurked for nearly a year before actually posting.


Welcome! I’ve been lurking and learning, too :slight_smile: I’m ready to start posting…so here’s to us :wink: