Hello from Missouri, by way of NM

Howdy! Native Missourian here, but we lived in NM so long I consider it home. Been back in MO 13 yrs, miss NM every day. Husband’s fam owned a famous trading post/tourist trap in ALBQ for many years, he pitched rugs and sold kachinas/pottery for them. My husband has fond memories of the makers he knew back in the day, and many of our pieces were bought direct from the artists. We have a little of everything in our collection - a few rugs, some baskets, a lot of pottery, one lone kachina, and a lot of jewelry. :slight_smile: I hope my eye is as good as i think it is, but i know i have a few clunkers in my collection. Hey, clunkers can be pretty to wear, too. :slight_smile:


Welcome. Would love to see your collection!!

I’ll try posting a few jewelry pics soon!!

Y’all have inspired me to do some light cleaning and research/cataloging. :slight_smile: trying to get my 16yo son interested in the collection.

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