Hello from the mountains of WNC!

Hi all! My name is Jim and I am one of these younger people who just can’t get enough history! I renounce my own generation of technology and cheap plastic lol! I grew up in a corn field near St. Louis MO and relocated 16 years ago with my family to the Blue
ridge mountains of Asheville NC. I now live in a small town called Mars Hill NC and I will have to be dragged out before I leave haha! I have always been in love with turquoise and had recently discovered my old collection of stones from when I was younger… a large collection my grandfather bought me for a few bucks at a yard sale. I have dabbled in jewelry making since I was 17 years old but never really got into it as a business. Knife making is my passion and I have been quite successful at it! After finding my old stones I was inspired to make a ring for myself, in that process I discovered that I have an insatiable appetite for turquoise jewelry… specifically Old Native American made jewelry. Even more specifically the belt buckles! I have since gone nuts and now have a quite large collection ranging from the early 1900’s up to brand new jewelry. I have also started on a few of my own pieces inspired by my collection of vintage jewelry. I will be sure to post some of my creations as I finish them! As well as posting my collection and the info I’ve found along the way. One of my strongest qualities is my love for research and information. A good verifiable history on ANYTHING is just so satisfying to me. I work tirelessly to find out everything I can about each piece I come across. I would be glad to share any knowledge I have, and I have an endless list of my own questions that could be answered as well lol. I hope to provide info for those who are looking, find info and make connections with likeminded collectors and I can’t wait to browse all the awesome pieces you guys have posted in the past! Now it’s time to get sucked into the old posts… Yeehaw!
Jim Brown
Bonez Custom Knives and Collectables

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Welcome! There are some quite knowledgeable people here and a lot of us that are learning. Would love to see some of your pieces.

Welcome, you will enjoy sharing and learning here!

Will you give us a few more pics including any maker’s marks. Like to see a few more of the stone in your ring. Thanks, sara

Hey there OldNheavy…yes, many knowledgeable people around here. I’m not one of them but I’m working on it. :man_teacher:


Howdy Jim! Welcome to the forum! I too have a thing for the old pawn buckles, bolos and objects unusual. Very cool you are playing with the creation side of things. I dabble, but usually only when my scrap pile gets big enough. Thinking of trying out Tufa casting next time the pile is big enough.