Hello turquoise people! Stone ID?

Acquired this bracelet as a trade from a friend about 15 years ago (don’t know how long she had it). I’m thinking Ajax or Royston… maybe even Kings Manassa, and wondering about the hallmark as well. I’m aware of how many artists use “M”, and have done quite a bit of research (the “wider at the bottom” thing throws me off). The stone is 1.5" x 1". I don’t have the expertise to even identify the NA genre… Thanks for any help!


You are right about having a difficult time identifying the M. This is traditional Navajo work I would say from the 1980s. The stone has characteristics have the mines you mention, but I would guess it a piece of Turquoise Mountain. It is a common stone and also has this look, I included a link that shows you a piece of Turquoise Mountain, https://www.pinterest.com/pin/53691420532046566/.

Thanks once again Jason! Yes, this stone is very much like some of the “greener” examples I found thanks to your suggestion. I also thought it was an 80’s era bracelet.