Help evaluating several heishi and turquoise necklaces

I have several heishi and turquoise necklaces and one bird fetish necklace that I would appreciate feedback on. Two of them I’m pretty sure are authentic and the other two I have doubts about.
I read a great article on here last week that explained a lot and was very informative. I’d love to hear your opinions. Thanks for the help.

necklace two necklace three( necklace four
Necklace 1 is think has a little age and it feels real. Necklace 2; the fetish, I’m doubtful about. Just doesn’t feel right and what’s with the hot pink birds? Necklace 3 I think is legit. Necklace 4 feels a little too uniform and the turquoise is awfully blue. Thanks for any info you can offer.

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You’re right, the bird fetish necklace is not Zuni.

Not even going to guess about the heishi, sorry.

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The first necklace is olive shell, turquoise and branch coral. The bird necklace doesn’t appear to be real turquoise heishe. The third looks turquoise, and you are right about the last necklace. I don’t get a real big photo to see the turquoise closer but it possibly could be dyed.

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Thanks for the info. I’ve been studying and trying to learn which is why I usually make a comment or ask a question pertaining to the item. It’s nice to be right on some of them.
Now i’m just waiting for the day that I can head to “Turquoise Land” where I will be able to get a lot more hands on experience.