Help...hallmark on cuff watch?

Father left me this item and Is really like to know if it had a watch face and who may have made it.

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Could you please post a picture?

Sorry…please see next, or duplicate, post. New to sir and accidentally added this without pics.

I have looked for both hallmarks with no luck. I believe the watch bracelet is a tomahawk, but could also represent a bird. It doesn’t appear that the watch bracelet has every had a watch in it, usually if a bracelet has had a watch those catches will show some wear. This is a very nice bracelet, small Kingman nuggets, looks heavy and would be Navajo handmade. I am not sure the box is Native made. That hallmark seems to include the 925, which is different. Also, the gem stone is a little different. Thanks for sharing.


I came across the box hallmark not long ago. It is for Carol Fell…(can’t remember her last name) who was listed as Anglo working in a native style.

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Thank you so very much for responding Jason.

Thank you for the insight. Carol Felley perhaps. So far, I haven’t seen any boxes by her but she does appear to like Amethyst.

That’s her name. Hope you find some examples.