Help, I want to learn about this Bolo tie! We are clueless :P

I was wondering if anyone would be able to tell me about a bolo tie my uncle has. We are trying to figure out where it came from or more about the history on this piece? Its older that 50 years old an he had gotten it in new jersey when he was 19. We are super curious and are asking for help pleaseeee c:
On the back it says ‘‘sterling’’ and we believe it has a leather strap for the neck.
Thank you and i hope you could help!

Hello, and thank you for sharing. This is a Navajo bolo tie. It is meant to be worn around your neck, good guess. The style is called overlay because the artist has used two pieces of silver to create the design. The figure is a Navajo Yei’ be Chei’ and performs in different ceremonies during the winter. Below it is a traditional Navajo hogan. I don’t think of this style being that old, older than 50 years. The sterling mark refers to the metal being sterling silver. Hope this helps.