Help ID necklace please

I love this necklace but do not know much about it. There are no makers mark on the silver. Any help and thank you.


I believe your necklace is a traditional East African necklace, likely from Ethiopia. The colorful beads are made of glass. Unfortunately, I don’t think the cross pendants are sterling, rather they might be Alpaca or a nickel- based metal. I could be wrong about that, a sterling silver acid test can best determine what metals these crosses are.

Wth that being said, I don’t believe that the other stones are turquoise. I believe they are jasper.

“African Turquoise” is not turquoise at all. It is a misnomer; It is a type of jasper found in Africa and is often dyed to achieve a turquoise-like color. Enhancing jasper as a turquoise substitute also enhances is its matrix, which also resembles a turquoise matrix.

Even though your necklace is not Native American, it is still a very beautiful piece💙 Thank you for sharing, I hope this information was valueable to you!

Thank you very much! I will soon have a testing kit and will see if the metal is silver.