Help id the hallmark and value of the whole belt

Hi everyone! I need help ID this hallmark (J inside a Q), as well as to date the piece. Thoughts on the turquoise and overall value would be very appreciated. Thanks!!!


All I could come up with for the hallmark was Jerry Quintana (Cochiti). His hallmarks seemed to evolve over time from just initials to initials with a sun symbol as pictured in the listing below. I couldn’t find anything with the exact hallmark your item has, but there are much more experienced folks on these pages that might be able to help! Good luck!

You’re Awesome! SimplyDunn Thank you for the info!!!


If you look back I posted a huge Jerry Quintana pendant back in July of 2020. It has another style and hallmark. I posted in the appraising category.


@islandmomma Yes, I’m doubtful this is Jerry Quintana, given the style and known hallmarks for him.