Help identify hallmark "L.S. ZUNI" (engraved) - LUCY SHEKYA?

I have inherited this bracelet which is set with 20 Turquoise stones in a plain Sterling Silver Cuff. Each stone measures 1/4" long. I did some research and think it was made by Zuni silversmith LUCY SHEKYA but I am not positive about it.
I need also help for identifying the turquoise used - SLEEPY BEAUTY is my guess?

I would feel comfortable calling the stones Sleeping Beauty. Two other websites that sell identical Shekya bracelets also claimed that the stones were sleeping beauty.

I also think you are correct in thinking that this is Lucy Shekya. I did notice when I was researching her name was that she had a few different stamps. She has “L.S.” in stamped block lettering, “L.S.” in stamped block lettering with “ZUNI” hand engraved right under it, and the all hand- engraved stamp you have on your bracelet. I also noticed that there were a lot of bracelets that look exactly like yours, with no hallmark at all. It’s interesting to see how an artist’s hallmark changes throughout the years.

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Thanks again!!! So i consider this to be an older piece by her??? Any suggestions regarding the value?

Yes, that’s Lucy Sheyka’s work. (The “y” comes before the “k.”) The shape of the stones and the way they’re set is distinctive. I have a three-tier necklace by her and just managed to get a matching pair of chandelier earrings.

I’ve been looking at the bracelets because I’m that person who loves to accumulate matching sets. (What home decor TV shows condemn as “matchy-matchy.”)

The Horsekeeping website was selling bracelets like yours for $128.

eBay currently has a version with synthetic opals with a Buy It Now price of about $93.

Hope this helps.


I love matching sets. I noticed when I was doing research on her that there was a Lucy Shekya ring available as well-

I believe it was very affordable as well, under $30

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How do we spell this woman’s name? Is it Sheyka or Shekya?

I thought maybe she was a relation of Porfilio and Ann Sheyka, near or distant, but maybe she is not.

Hello, I think the correct spelling is SHEKYA.