Help identify ring

I have had this ring for many years. I am trying to find out more about it. Where it came from, who wore it, price

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I took it to a jeweler today. They didn’t know much besides that it looks like coral, turquoise and mother of pearl. Or they said it could be just coated that way. They said the jewels also looked like they were glued in if this helps at all.

What’s puzzling me is the underside of this ring. I am used to seeing smooth undersides to Native American rings, or the smoothed-over slight graininess of cast jewelry, or hidden stamped designs. This isn’t like any of them.

I’d want someone with more expertise to weigh in here, but the underside of this ring would give me pause if I were browsing with the intention of buying Native American work.

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More clear picture of inside

This one is driving me nuts! It looks like a cast ring rather than engraved. Better photos are needed. What size is it? Where did you get it? How many years have you had it?

I suggest that you prop the ring up on a black background maybe outside, and try to take photos of every angle possible. Including the full inside of the band. If you are not using an iPhone perhaps borrow one. Dead keen to find out what this is. I am guessing maybe custom contemporary artist??