HELP Identify this Green Turquoise Ring Unsigned

Hello! I recently purchased this ring and the seller stated it was a family heirloom. No markings that I can find at all. I am wondering a few things:

  1. Is this a form of green turquoise? If so, what kind? Variscite?
  2. What style of Native American jewelry can this be classified as? Zuni, Navajo etc?
  3. Any idea of the age of the piece or Era it was created?

Thank you so much for any help you provide! Looking forward to figuring this out!

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This would be a Navajo ring. Looks like it could be variscite. It would be difficult to age, the best information comes from the seller if we believe him/her to be trustworthy.


Thanks Jason! At least I have a starting point. Without any signature or stamp this will be hard to date or pin-point.

Not variscite imho:: looks like typical Cerrillos


Thank you! This looks very similar, youre right :slight_smile:

it’s hard to ID older stones, especially when the piece is so small, because skin oils and time can change the color significantly from when it first came out of the ground. Cute little ring!

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Thats a good point! thanks for the info and compliment :slight_smile:

I have a ring of the same style. It was purchased new in the early 1980’s as Sleeping Beauty.
The stone was not stabalized. I have worn it a lot.
Over the years, the color has changed from the traditional blue to greenish.

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Oh neat, thanks for the info. I hadn’t even considered the color could change over time.