Help identify this mark next to Eugene Sehongva's mark on bolo pendant!

I have the book by Billie Hougart of NA hallmarks and I couldn’t find anything on HK. What is interesting is that ES would produce for HC or HopiCraft and include that HC mark on jewelry pieces, and it’s in the same style as his scratched in mark. But the HK is very obviously that, HK! And in a different hammered in mark. Not hand scratched in like he uses. So I’m at a loss. I can’t find anything. I also can’t find this particular snake bolo pendant. So f anyone out there has the knowledge, I’d like to know! I’m wondering if it’s a fake? It’s a really beautiful fake, if so.


That is a really cool piece and with quality work. The ES does look like Elgene Sehongva. I have a pin of his. IDK what the HK would be unless another artist helped out on the piece.

I looked up HK in my Hopi Silver, the History and Hallmarks of Hopi Silversmithing book. The only HK I found was this.

However, when I went to the Amerindian Hallmark site I found this…

I tried to quickly Google this artist, and couldn’t find much; I only found one item with a hallmark, and it was like what was in my book. But maybe it’s some place to start. But it’s definitely not the HopiCraft guild mark IMO.

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Is there another mark at the bottom or am I seeing things?