HELP Identify Zuni Earrings

Reposting for help… I think these are Zuni style but I am unsure if this is real Turquoise, stabilized, etc. Any help you can give is kick appreciate!

Original post info:
My mother found these earrings at an estate sale. They are unsigned except do say sterling in the little post. Curious…

Are these real Turquoise? If so, what type?
Are these Native American design or are they American copies?

I think these are vintage but unsure of thier age. Any thoughts or info you have will be helpful! Thanks!!



i can’t speak to the mine origin of the stones, but the screwback mechanism is very common and was used up through the 1940s or 50s i think. It’s a commercial finding that you could buy in jewelry supply stores. The earrings look legit to me, but I can’t authenticate as Zuni - I believe Navajo makers also did cluster work. hopefully someone more knowledgeable will come along.


Awesome! Thanks for the good info!

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They are beautiful! I don’t have any helpful to say (I don’t know anything about Native American jewelry) but I know those are adorable! :joy::+1::heart:

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Aw thank you! I totally agree. I will be selling these in my shop as I have gaged ears and cannot wear normal earrings. Whomever snags these will be a lucky person for sure :slightly_smiling_face:

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I understand. I am personally no good at selling anything. So, I’d probably want to try and find a jeweler who could make them wearable for myself :blush:

Looks to be a Zuni style but Fred Harvey style jewelry is also a possibility.


Thank you so much! This is super helpful.