Help identifying 2 artists

Greetings everyone!
Need help with a couple pieces.
The bracelet looks to be Santo Domingo but I can’t find anything on the hallmark.
The kachina pin looks to be Zuni. I’ve seen a lot of people attributing similar ones to Horace Iule. From the research I’ve done it doesn’t look like his pieces. I know he supposedly was the first to create the knifewing pieces but I don’t think this looks like his style. Kinda resembles Fred Harvey era pieces. I’m also unsure which kachina it is. Looks a little like the thunder kachina. It’s definitely a super rare piece.
Thanks ahead of time for all the help.


This won’t help with identifying the make of the brooch/pin but I think this could be a Snake Dancer kachina rather than a Knifewing. It has the snake on the front and I am wondering if the “wings” are really to represent rainclouds. I also think if it was a Knifewing it would have a flared tail. I think it is a supercool piece. I hope you can find out more.

Great knifewing! I believe it may have been made by Etsitty Tsosie, sometimes also called Eskiesosie, a very well known Navajo silversmith that worked for C. G. Wallace and lived from about 1880-1937. If you google “Eskiesosie knifewing” you will see similar examples.



BINGO!!! Looks like it.

Thanks Steve! I really appreciate that. I don’t guess you noticed anything on value?

the site where I took those screen shots has that info blanked out for non members. they offer a free trial subscription.

there is also cited Sotheby’s 1975 auction catalog and there are a few copies of that out there on the net also for a price.

some further info on C.G. Wallace in these videos:

Ya I know. It’s ridiculous that they are wanting to charge for information that came from eBay. I know about Wallace but thank you for the videos. Have a great night!