Help identifying 3 cuff bracelets

Hi everyone, I am totally new here and hoping to get some of your opinions on three separate cuff bracelets I inherited. I believe 1 and 2 are more vintage (70’s era or before) and cuff 3 is maybe more contemporary.

Cuff 1: Brown/turquoise material. A jeweler looked at this and says the brown material looks like shell or wood or some other natural material. It has a pictorial mark on the back which is hard to make out.

Cuff 2: Cuff with 9 turquoise stones. Mark on back which looks to read JP. Unfortunately I chipped one of the stones, as I wear this frequently.

Cuff 3. With many turquoise stones. This is much lighter and thinner than the other two cuffs. It does have a mark on the back–BB.


Cuff 1, could possibly be coconut. It looks like a mark for Gilbert Ortega Enterprise so it will be a shop piece without the silversmith identification.

Cuff 2, initial hallmarks from this time period are always difficult to identify. This has a really nice look, authentic Navajo silver and stone.

Cuff 3, I always get a little suspect of these. We see them in pawn frequently and I am not sure if these are manufactured or an actual handmade piece. The stone looks to be stabilized which is better than the block or compressed I have also seen in these.

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Thank you for your input Jason. My photos got a little mixed up in the process, but I appreciate your help.

One more question is whether you know anything about appraisal or an approximate value on the cuffs, especially the authentic Navajo one. I have tried to look online, but don’t find similar items/don’t know how to tell if they are comparable or not. The values range so widely it is hard to know what I need to consider. Any help on the age or value or type of turquoise is much appreciated. Or maybe you can recommend a place that can provide this service. Thank you.