Help Identifying Artist Marking on Jewelry

I am unable to find this Artists Marking anywhere and hope someone on this site can help. The mark appears to be a Salamander.

This looks like some type of shop mark instead of an individual. The material in the earrings is beautiful, but it is imitation stones. Most likely this is a manufactured piece. Thank you for sharing.

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Many thanks for the reply and opinion. However, I believe the they are Spiny Oyster, Pearl and Turquoise.


I tried to find you a picture of imitation spiny oyster, but couldn’t. Thunderbird supply has it in their catalog but not online, here is a link to some imitation pieces It is a problem that we are always fighting.

That is a picture of real spiny oyster, which is similar in color, but just different then what is in your earring. Thanks again for sharing and I hope this information is helpful.

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