Help Identifying Bull Hallmark inside Navajo Sterling Ring

Hello and Good Morning All, I have this Mens Ring here we just got in the shop, and inside the ring is marked with a longhorn bull, and was wondering if you knew who made it. I already checked 3 of the usual websites to research this hallmark and couldn’t find it all. Appreciate your help, thanks in advance.

According to the text, this is the mark of Edison Cummings, made after 1996.


I’m actually pretty curious about this myself, as I have two stamped cuffs with the same hallmark. I had also come across the hallmark for Edison Cummings in Hougart’s book, but after looking up his work I decided it didn’t match. He is an award winning modern artist who does a lot of tufa casting, inlay, and Loloma-inspired work. Could he have made my very simple stamped cuffs? Maybe. Hougart’s does say it was an early hallmark, so maybe his work was a lot different then. But I have a feeling he didn’t. I’m not sure about your ring either.

There was another thread on here with the exact same hallmark posted a while ago. They never got an answer. I tried to find the thread just now and couldn’t.


Thank you so much for your help! :smiley: Appreciate it. We’ll keep digging. :slight_smile: Have a nice weekend.