Help identifying ivory, tusk or horn?

Could really use some help identifying ivory. I’m not sure if maybe it’s tusk? I’ve looked up cross sections and it’s a little different because the middle of the tusk in photos is directly in the center and this one is offset.
I’d appreciate any help

What a cool piece…I love the moon scape effect! Quite clever! I have had the pleasure to see and evaluate several ivory pieces and I have to say that I see no evidence that this is in fact a piece of ivory whether it was a cross section or a cut-out type of piece. There are no dentin layers in the material which would indicate that it was a tooth/tusk. There is typically a layered look to ivory made of the growth progression of layers of a biological material called dentin. The surface of ivory is very smooth and can achieve a high polish which makes these layers very noticeable when viewed up close. The color variations in ivory range from white to almost like a beige brown and these color variations are relative to the age of the piece of ivory and the type of animal ivory your piece is made from (whale, walrus, elephant, mammoth, unknown animal tooth, etc…). To me this piece seems to be made of either mineral/rock or bone but because of the banding in the left hand quadrant of the piece I would lean on the rock/mineral choice but I’m not sure…I think you have some great pictures here but if you could get some more posted with the surface of the material that would help us possibly have more of an idea of what this is or possibly confirming that it is in fact ivory…THANKS for posting this , great piece!

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I didn’t want to be the first to say it, but I also believe this is a mineral, not animal bone or ivory. The back side looks like small Quartz pools… so my guess is a natural agate. I think it’s really cool how the artist picked a stone that mimics the moon. I’m not sure if it’s Native American or not… but it’s still really cool.

It’s definitely not a mineral or stone. It has the feel of ivory. A softness to it. It doesn’t feel hard enough to be stone either. It’s not Native American. Probably made in Alaska. Thanks for the input!