Help identifying maker and any other information about these earrings.

Found these gorgeous earrings at a thrift store. They’re stamped RS Sterling. A quick google brings up Roger Skeet but i cant find a good set of examples of his stamp to accurately compare. I would love to know if theres anything more about the stones as well since I don’t know much about turquoise. This forum seemed like a good place to ask!


After doing more research on here I’ve looked up several artists with the initials RS but I either havent seen similar work or I’m not really sure what to look for in the works.

I doubt those are by Robert Skeets who I believe is known for his concho belts. Doing a quick search on this site, it seems like there’s been some other pieces with this hallmark that people weren’t able to figure out. If the stones are genuine, I would guess the turquoise is from a Chinese mine. They may just remain a mystery!

Welcome to the forum!


Thank you!

This is a whole world I had no idea about.

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It certainly is! If you spend a lot of time on this forum you will learn a lot. And then you’ll become addicted :grin:


Yep! I was just fine until I started poking around here, trying to figure out the couple of pieces I’d inherited! Now, I live in a tent in the woods with a cardboard box full of turquoise jewelry! Bwahaha! Not really! I have a house that I keep my cardboard box in! :package: :crazy_face:


Oh no :joy: thats my worry if i spend too much time here. I’ll get sucked in and end up living in a tent with only my box of jewelry for real :sweat_smile:

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